Limescale in Wells, Pipes and Machines

Incrustations which sediment from the liquid in the pipe and machine are often limescale. In terms of water treatment, we are specialists for solving this issue with our Merus Group. Find out more on www. So this text focuses on limescale in the context of hydrocarbons.

The lime origins either from the crude itself or the water which is part of the crude. Over time the limescale builds up at the inner surface of the pipe and thus slowly decreases the cross-section of the pipe. Without counteractive measures, the pipe will be blocked completely sooner or later.

Chemical Solutions

In some cases, it is expedient to add chemicals to the crude to reduce the depositing. This depends on the type of lime. There are two side effects resulting from adding chemicals. First of all, they have to be removed from the crude downstream. This is an additional process step involving costs and also effort.

Second, the chemicals themselves are costly including dosing equipment, transportation and also storage of the chemicals on site. They slow down the forming of incrustations but can’t fully avoid the issue. When the pipe is blocked mechanical or additional chemical cleaning is needed.

Merus Technology

With our technology, we aim to keep the limescale solved in the crude. Our approach is based on the experience that foreign substances harm the system once they settle in the pipe or machines. As long as they are solved, they don’t interfere with the process.

To make our Technology work in your system we install our Merus Ring as far as possible upstream. Herewith, the foreign substances in the crude, which form the deposits, stay solved throughout the whole process of transportation. As a result, scaling is reduced significantly or even fully stopped. In most cases it is not necessary to add chemical inhibitors any longer. The crude including the foreign substances can be transported downstream to the process step where they are removed.

Merus Downhole Tool

DownholetoolTo suit the requirements or the oil and gas environment, we have developed a Downhole Tool. It consists of two parts. The first part is the mantle which is made of steel and fulfills the requirements of the tubing itself, regarding pressure and temperature. In the mantle, there is a Merus Ring made of pure silver. This is the ideal material for our Technology.

The Downhole Tool, therefore, combines the benefit of both materials: The robustness of the steel with the effectiveness of the silver.

The mantle including the Merus Ring is placed around the tubing and brought directly in the well. It is possible to position the equipment at any depth or directly under the pump.

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