Using Merus Rings in Oil and Gas Industries

To explain in which sectors of the oil and gas business our Merus Technology is applicable, we came up with some case studies and examples. They are structured to suit your requirements for Down-, Mid- and Upstream business. We added some cases of water treatment as these issues are very common for cooling and effluent water.

Technical Conditions

Under which technical conditions is the Merus Technology applicable?

  • The first and the only real restriction is that the fluid being treated needs to be liquid. This results in requirements on the technical conditions regarding temperature and chemical structure of the fluid.
  • In our experience, a contact temperature (temperature on the outside of the pipe) of up to 150°C doesn't have an impact on the effect of the Merus Ring. There is no limit for the liquid's temperature given by us as we have very good results at all temperature levels.
  • We can provide Merus Rings suitable for every size of pipe from 1/2'' - 72''. If you are interested in the Merus Downhole Tool please contact us concerning pipe sizes.
  • For small and bigger flow volume we have different types of Merus Rings. So there is no limit concerning this factor for the installation and function of our technology.


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