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Who is Merus?

Merus Oil & Gas Pte. Ltd, was established in 2006 as a member of the German Merus Group. The Merus GmbH is a major player of green water treatment since 1996. The Merus Technology was developed in order to reduce the negative side effects of fluids in the industry and also private homes.

Merus Oil & Gas was founded to focus on the special requirements of the Oil Industry. We established a network of experts and partners around the world. Thus we are able to find a solution for the customer's individual cases and problems. Some of these cases are explained on this website as examples for what we are capable of.

Find out more about how the Merus Ring works and what the technology is based on:

Merus Water Treatment

Projects around the World

No matter where, our aim is to stabilize processes in the oil and gas industry whilst reducing cleaning or service effort. When we started in South East Asia, we were able to gain knowledge in various applications in a very short time. We then were able to approach new markets and nowadays we are also active in other parts of the world.


New projects always follow the same procedure. Upon agreement of the customer, we start with a trial period with a fixed price for engineering, support and installation costs. Prior to the installation, we analyze the existing data to understand the scope and location of the problems. We also collect this data during the trial period. By comparing the values before and after the installation, we are able to give evidence of the effect of the Merus Technology. We also can use it to make further improvements in the installation. For example, change the amount or place of the Merus installation to enhance the effect. Close cooperation between Merus and the customer is required to achieve the expected results.

The vision of Merus Oil & Gas is to establish this Eco-friendly “Ring” in all possible applications of the Oil & Gas. Using Merus is reduces the downtime of plants and operations, increases safety and is able to save energy and costs significantly. Our experience with different customers show, that savings in between 10 to 30% of the operating costs are possible.

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