What we do

Merus provide engineering solutions and services to improve the efficiency of processes and operations in the Oil and Gas Industry. By treating crude oil and other fluids in the process, we are able to stabilize the flows, reduce downtimes and increase the relative output.

On this page, we link an several places to our water treatment page The reason, part of the problems faced in the Oil&Gas are water related. We have for instance a glossary, where we explain a lot of technical terms and issues. And we have a lot of case studies about water solutions. Because from Merus a cooling system is the same if used in the Oil and Gas industry or in an office building or a shopping mall. Or SRB are a problem in the oil and gas but also in the water industry.

Since 2006 we have been working on both, Onshore- and Offshore-Facilities.

Among our most important applications are:

  • Upstream: Wells, Flow Lines, Tanks and Gathering Stations
  • Midstream: Trunk Lines, Separation Plants, Crude Oil Terminals
  • Downstream: Refineries, Petrochemical Industry

If you have specific questions or are not sure if we have the right solution for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Our Merus Ring

With the Merus Ring at the pipe, the solubility of the soluble parts in the liquid can be increased.

This means, for example, more limescale is soluble in the water and runs off with the water instead of blocking pipes and valves. Which can be an important benefit when it comes to cooling water.

The trick here? We use the natural oscillation which is characteristic for every chemical substance. This can be changed to our benefit with superimposing waves.

This method of water treatment doesn't need further chemical additives in the water and no additional energy source is necessary.

Merus Ring

Our Results

With our technology we are able to reduce:

In consequence, we are increasing the process stability and reducing downtime.

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