MERUS Oil & Gas – environmental friendly process improvement


Merus Oil & Gas Pte. Ltd, was established 2006 as a member of the German Merus Group. Merus GmbH is a major player in green water treatment business since 1996. Our products are used by thousands of customers around the world.

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Merus Oil & Gas is a solution provider, and improves process and applications in the Oil & Gas industries. The methods and solutions provided by Merus Oil & Gas are solving problems, where before the people just have to live with these problems, and worked around them or run a high grade of service to solve these.
After marketing our products the first time in South East Asia, we have been able in a rather short time to win several long term commercial contracts, for various applications.
Now we approach new markets, and do business today also in other parts of the world.

A new project follows always the same guide line. There is made an agreement about a trail period, whereas the customer pays only for the engineering and the overhead costs. The hardware needed is free during the trail period, or is due to pay if the expected and agreed results show up. We request historical data, which we analyse prior the installation of the Merus Rings. During the trail period the new data where constantly compared with the historical data, so clear evidence can be given at the end of the trail period. A close cooperation in between the customer and Merus is required, to analyze the data, and to improve the processes and the usage of the chemicals.

The vision of Merus Oil & Gas is to establish this Eco-friendly “Ring” in all possible applications during the processing of the Oil & Gas. Using Merus in is reducing the down time of plants and operations, increase the  safety and is able to save huge amounts of energy and costs. Our customer report about savings in between 10 to 30% of the operation costs. Calculating the benefits of less down time, is very difficult and varies as well from case to case.
These facts make us very optimistic to keep the company growing and strengthen our position in the markets.